Platinum Membership Benefits -
Kshs. 200,000/-

  • Expedited 5 year USA Visa Interview for employees traveling on business, and facilitation of immediate family members traveling with them.
  • Free company of the month article in the AmCham newsletter
  • Free one week e-brief signature annually
  • One free monthly advertising email for company services or promotions
  • One free 10 minute speaker slot at AmCham Breakfast / Luncheon
  • One free promotion at AmCham Sundowners
  • Free banner advertising at all AmCham social events
  • Participation in Government and Private Sector Alliance Meetings
  • Participation in AmCham Committees (ICT, Industrialization & Development Enterprise, Legal, Tax, Tourism, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Energy andMember Development)
  • Participation in Overseas Security Advisory Council
  • Invitation to U.S. trade delegation events and receptions including B2B meetings
  • Priority seating at Head Table at AmCham social events
  • Regular business updates on economy, finance, policy, legislation, and industry-based issues
  • Free listing of company on the AmCham website including company profile, logo and a direct link to company’s website
  • 20% discount on advertising on AmCham website
  • Free Yummy Card to all colleagues offering 10% to 50% discount at selected restaurants
  • Free unlimited scheduling of meetings with membership companies or requested companies locally or in the US
  • Private Platinum Member AmCham Directory
  • Unlimited members to enter free at Sundowners

Current Members