Warrior Insight seeks to change Kenya's security technology landscape

Warrior Insight, a specialised risk management company, is on a mission to change the security landscape in Kenya with a Kshs 189 million (US $2 million) investment in security technology solutions to help in the prevention and management of emerging threats facing organisation and the way security is done in Kenya.

The launch comes against the background of a recent survey conducted by Research Solutions Africa, in collaboration with Warrior Insight. According to the findings, almost 90 per cent of the respondents have seen terrorism related risks increase while more than 60 per cent have witnessed an upsurge in cyber-crime and mobile scams.

On the other hand, 85 per cent of the organisations surveyed have seen an increase in security related risks, with the theft of assets being the leading one (almost 90 per cent), followed by personnel and corruption-related risks (both at 70 per cent). Overall, more than three-quarters of the respondents see a deterioration of general security in Kenya over the past two years.

Warrior Insight seeks to lower risks for organisations through real time security alerts, remote monitoring solutions and integrated risk management.

Speaking during the launch of the company in Nairobi, Warrior Insight CEO Mr. Adam Miller, told journalists the move is in response to emerging risks organisations face from terror, cyber-crime and employee fraud.

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